Telex NL4S neckloop for use with Telecoil-equipped hearing aids for ADA

Telex NL-4S - Neckloop for use with ADA Receivers and T-coil Hearing Aids

  • $135.00

The NL-4S Neckloop plugs into any receiver and hangs around the neck of the user and.  It uses an elecctromagnetic field to activate the T-coil in hearing aids that are equipped with them.  It is easy to clean and does not go on or into the ear, making it an excellent hygienic choice.

Federal ADA requires that venues provide hearing assistance devices with neckloops to 1% of their seating capacity, with no less than 2 per venue.

How it works:  The NL4S is a miniature audio induction loop worn around a user’s neck. It uses magnetic energy to transfer the electrical signal from a sound source (FM Receiver, phone, etc.) directly into a hearing aid equipped with a T-coil .

When the audio signal from an earphone or headphone jack is fed into the NL-4S, a magnetic field forms around the neckloop wire and user’s head. The magnetic field varies as the audio signal varies. This varying magnetic field induces a small electrical current in the T-coil of the hearing aidl that corresponds to the original audio signal. The T-coil’s signal is then converted to sound and amplified by the hearing aid.