Bullet Resistant Window Intercom Systems

Safety from Viruses and Villains!

Protect your employees from harm with our selection of Bullet Resistant Intercom Systems for safely communicating through a security window.  Use these systems with Bullet Resistant Windows.  We have systems for use with or without a hole in the glass.  

Clear communications eliminate errors and frustration.  These systems greatly improve the transaction between the customer and the agent.  Choose a headset over a gooseneck mic for added clarity and greatly decreased office noise levels.

We are the Window Intercom Authority - specializing in systems for safely communicating through a glass or plexiglass window for over 25 years.

Window intercom systems are designed to provide clear communication through a barrier, such as a transaction window.  They are used in banks, government agencies, police departments, landfills, correctional facilities, payment windows, municipalities, theaters, sports and concert venues.

Here are just a few of the many configurations available.  Please contact us for assistance in selecting or designing the perfect system for your unique needs.