Battery Operated Window Intercom Systems

When considering a Window Intercom that is battery powered, it is important to know that there are two different types of battery systems, each serving a different purpose. Use the information below to determine your needs and select the proper type of battery operated intercom that is right for your application.


  • L - Internal Battery:  For aesthetic reasons. No wire connected during use.
  • An intercom with internal rechargeable battery and electrical power nearby.  This type of intercom mounts in a hole in the glass and has an internal, non-removeable battery that is charged up overnight using an AC Adaptor cord plugged into nearby power.  It then runs on battery during operating hours so no wire is connected to the unit.  It is intended for aesthetic purposes.


  • EB - External Battery: For use when no AC Power is available.
  • An intercom with an external battery pack that can be disconnected and recharged elsewhere.  This type of intercom is typically used in a kiosk or booth where no power is present.  The battery pack must be connected to the intercom during operating hours, but may be disconnected and recharged elsewhere  whenever necessary.  These intercoms are available in several different models