Telex Window Intercom Systems

These window intercom systems, often called security intercoms or talk-through intercoms, are designed to provide communication through a barrier, such as a ticket window.  They are widely used in theaters, sports venues, race tracks, and concert venues.  Other common uses are payment windows, government agencies, police departments, and correctional facilities. Bulletproof versions are available.

Weatherproof and virtually indestructible, these systems greatly improve the transaction between the customer and the agent.  Clear communications eliminate errors and frustration.  Choose a headset over a gooseneck mic for added clarity and greatly decreased office noise levels.

Telex has been providing this product for many years.  The current model ICW-6 was introduced in Nov. of 2009.  The IC-W6 is a self contained unit that mounts in a hole in the the glass.  It has a volume control for inside and out, and a mute switch that mutes the operator. 

The ICW6 allows the choice of using a headset or a gooseneck mic.  When the gooseneck mic is used, a built-in speaker produces the sound on the operator side.  It is well-constructed, and can provide many years of use.  Regular maintenance can prolong the life of these units indefinitely. 

If you own an ICW-2,  ICW-3, or ICW-6 and need repairs, see our Repair Order Form.  These units are durable and well made and can be repaired inexpensively.