Telex SM-2 ADA Assistive Listening System - Free US Ship

  • $975.00

FM System for ADA Hearing Assistance and Language Translation.  The SM2  system sets up in minutes and can be expanded at any time to an unlimited amount of additional receivers. 

This starter system includes one ST-300 transmitter, four SR-50 receivers, four SEB-1 single earbuds, antenna, power supply and ADA wall plaque.  Unlimited additional receivers may be added at any time. (Batteries not included) 

Federal ADA requires that venues provide hearing assistance devices for 4% of the seating capacity and a hearing aid compatible neckloop for 1% of the seating capacity (with a minimum of 2 receivers and 2 neckloops per venue).  For example, a 100 seat venue would require 4 receivers and 2 neckloops.  A 200 seat venue would require 8 receivers and 2 neckloops.  State and local codes may require more. 

Order Additional Receivers Here.

Order Additional Earbuds, Headsets and Neckloops Here.