Telex ST-300 Base Station Transmitter for ADA Hearing Assistance and Translation

  • $625.00

The ST-300 base transmitter features 17 user selectable frequencies controlled by a front mounted control buttons and LCD display, a headphone jack with adjustable level for input signal monitoring, and a peak reading on the LCD display for visual input monitoring.

On the back of the unit is a balanced XLR-3F with selectable mic, line, and 70 volt input options, as well as an unbalanced 1/4" input. The input selection and attenuation is all done from the controls on the front panel.

It includes Antenna and Power Supply, and is compatible with SR-50, SR-400 PPA-R37N, and many other receivers.

Federal ADA requires that venues provide hearing assistance devices for 4% of the seating capacity and a hearing aid compatible neckloop for 1% of the seating capacity (with a minimum of 2 receivers and 2 neckloops per venue).  For example, a 100 seat venue would require 4 receivers and 2 neckloops.  A 200 seat venue would require 8 receivers and 2 neckloops.  State and local codes may require more. 

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