TheaterProducts TLS-1 - Ticketing Loop System - ADA for Box Office

  • $289.00

The TheaterProducts TLS-1 is a short range induction loop system designed to accommodate individuals with hearing difficulties.  The TLS-1 transmits the spoken word clearly and directly to a customer's T-Coil equipped hearing aid.  It is designed to meet ADA accessibility requirements, and it greatly improves the customer experience at your box office or any other transaction window.

A headphone jack allows the use of a headphone for those customers without T-Coil equipped hearing aids.

How it works:  The TLS-1 creates a small magnetic field outside of each window that activates the Telecoil in the customer's hearing aid.  The listener can pick up the audio when they are within four feet of the counter loop system. This technology allows private conversation while maintaining moderate voice levels.

The TLS-1 includes a cable to allow integration to an existing window intercom system that uses a TPH-1 or TPWH-1 headset.    This system is also available for purchase with a wired or wireless headset.

Contact us for more information on seamlessly connecting this system with your window intercom system.