Haven SC-100L Battery Operated Deluxe Window Intercom System

  • $1,340.00

Battery operated Talk-thru communicator designed to provide clear communications through a partition with no wire connected during operating hours. Made in the USA!

This Deluxe Version of the popular Haven SC100 includes: 

Installation is easy with the included tool kit (A TheaterProducts exclusive)

This battery operated version provides 12-18 hours of operation on a full charge. 

  • Internal Battery:  For aesthetic reasons.  No wire connected during use.
  • This intercom has an internal rechargeable battery and requires electrical power nearby.  It mounts in a hole in the glass and has an internal battery that is charged up overnight using an AC Adaptor cord plugged into nearby power.  It then runs on battery during operating hours so no wire is connected to the unit.
  • Unit may also be operated while charger is connected.

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