Haven SC-300EB Battery Operated Deluxe Security Intercom System for Windows with No Hole

  • $1,495.00

Battery Operated Talk-thru communicator designed to provide clear communications through a partition that has no hole and no nearby electrical power. 

This Deluxe unit includes: 

Wedge shaped customer-side speaker unit is separate from the base, and designed for use in applications where there is no hole in the window.  Connecting Wire, Battery Pack, and Installation Tools are all included.

This battery operated version provides over 72 hours of operation on a full charge. 

  • External Battery: For use when no AC Power is present.
  • This intercom has an external battery pack that can be disconnected and recharged elsewhere.  This type of intercom is typically used in a kiosk or booth where no power is present.  The battery pack must be connected to the intercom during operating hours, but may be disconnected and recharged elsewhere whenever necessary. 

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