RTS / Telex ICW-6 Window Intercom System

  • $759.00

These window intercom systems, often called security intercoms or talk-through intercoms, are designed to provide communication through a barrier, such as a ticket window.  They are widely used in theaters, sports venues, race tracks, and concert venues.  Other common uses include payment windows, government agencies, police departments, and correctional facilities

We also have Refurbished ICW-6 units here.

The ICW-6 supports both gooseneck microphone and headset operation to accommodate virtually any operational requirement.  This system requires the use of a headset or microphone for operation (not included, but bundles are available)

For use in windows with a hole size between 2.6" - 4".  Installation is quick and easy with the supplied templates.  See Specs and User Manual for more details.  

Weatherproof and virtually indestructible, these systems greatly improve the transaction between the customer and the agent.  Clear communications eliminate errors and frustration.  Choose a headset over a gooseneck mic for added clarity and greatly decreased office noise levels.

The ICW6 replaced the ICW3. This new unit has an Auto-VOX circuit, which eliminates the manual VOX adjustments that were necessary on the ICW-3.

Required options:

Headsets: PH-88-IC3 Lightweight Headset, PH-88-IC3-QD Lightweight Headset with quick disconnect cable. Gooseneck Microphones: MCP-90-12", MCP-90-18"

Refurbished ICW-6 units are available here.

RTS Model #: F.01U.143.303,