Telex SR-50 Receiver - Single Channel Receiver

  • $105.00

The SR50 single channel receiver provides the simplicity of a fixed channel and clear reception.This economical receiver operates on one of 17 fixed frequencies in the 72-76 MHz band.

Ergonomic raised volume control knob make level adjustments easily accessible by feel. Recessed headphone jack provides extra protection for earphone connections. Two AA batteries give up to 30 hours of continuous battery life. (Batteries and earphones are not included)  Click here for User Guide.

Federal ADA requires that venues provide hearing assistance devices for 4% of the seating capacity and a hearing aid compatible neckloop for 1% of the seating capacity (with a minimum of 2 receivers and 2 neckloops per venue).  For example, a 100 seat venue would require 4 receivers and 2 neckloops.  A 200 seat venue would require 8 receivers and 2 neckloops.  State and local codes may require more. 

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